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Click1003TM Application
Printing Instructions

IMPORTANT: Printing Instructions:  When you click on the submit button, you will be able to view the results on your Fannie Mae 1003 application and it will be time to print the document.  At this time the following needs to be done to print out the form correctly. 

There are differences in setting up the printer in different browsers. Read the instructions for the browser you are using. Follow instructions (NN) for Netscape Navigator, or (MSIE) for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some of the directions will be the same for both browsers.


Set Margins: Set your margins to 0.25 inches (one quarter inch) on the top, sides, and bottom.  To do this, click on "File" on your browser window; in the drop-down box click on "Page Setup" and a window will appear allowing you to select your margin sizes. In (NN), you should be able to set your margins (Top, Bottom, Left and Right) to 0.25 inches. In (MSIE), you will be able to set the margins (Top, Left and Right) to 0.25 inches, but it will probably readjust the Bottom margin automatically (when you try to set it) to the smallest setting allowable. This will still allow your application to print out correctly. Don't close your "Page Setup" window yet - go to step two.

2. Header and Footer: On your "Page Setup" window there will also be a place to select Header and Footer preferences.  You don't want anything other than the completed application to be printed so on (NN), you will need to deselect (or uncheck the boxes for:) "Document title"; "Document location (URL)"; "Page number"; "Page total", "and "Date printed".  If any of the above items are selected, your application may not print out properly. For (MSIE) and some other browsers the "Page Setup" window shows "header" and "footer" input fields with numbers and symbols in the fields.  You will want to delete the text in these fields so they are blank for the application to print out correctly. Some browsers allow you to do step number three (below) in the "Page Setup" window. If not, click the "OK" button, close this window and go to step number three.
3. Paper Size: Load your printer with 8.5 x 14 inch (legal size) white paper.  The results of this form will be printed as a Fannie Mae 1003 legal document ready to sign and mail to your broker or lender.  After loading the proper size paper, click on "File" on your browser window, then click on "Print" in the drop-down window.  Click on "Properties" and select the proper "Paper Size".  One of the choices will be "Legal ( 8.5 x 14in.)" Some browsers allow you to do this function in the "Page Setup" window.

For Color Printers: This may or may not be an issue for your printer. In some older color printers , you will need to print in "Grayscale" or black ink only.  There are graphic (GIF) images on this form and some printers will cause your computer to prompt you to print in color.  You will not get a clear print job if you print in color. If you don't have this option, you can skip this instruction. Don't close this window yet - go to step Five.

5. Print Quality: Your print quality should be selected as "Normal", or "Best" (if you have this option) to get good results. Now you can click the "OK" button and close this window. Your application should print out correctly.

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