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Excel Mortgage Group, Inc. has now made it even easier for you to apply for your loan online.  Our new state-of-the-art "Click1003" online loan application allows us to securely interact with our borrowers online saving you time and money. Our new online application also makes it possible for us to close your loan in record time through its advanced electronic submission features.

Applying online with Excel Mortgage Group, Inc. also gives you these other great advantages:

  • Color-coded Navigation:  This means you can navigate to any part of the application at any time by using our color-coded navigation tabs.
  • Over 80 Help Files:  Our HELP! files will easily guide you through filling out the loan application - even if you've never done it before!  Just click on a HELP! button next to any subject you're filling out and a pop-up window will give you any help you may need.
  • Self-calculating Application: No need for a calculator! Yes, our new online application will even self-calculate your totals for you in "real time" as you type in your information.  It will calculate your amortized monthly payment, income totals and even your total net worth.
  • Quit Anytime:  If you get interrupted or wish to finish later, simply click the submit button at the bottom of the form and you will be sent an email with two links in the email message.  The first link will show your results of your application so far.  The second link in your email will allow you to go back to your application and continue, change or update your information.  You may go back as many times as you like using the same links.
  • See Your Results Instantly:  When you have finished with your application and click on the submit button, a real Fannie Mae 1003 Application will appear on your monitor with all of your information filled in.  You can then print it out where you are, sign it and send it to us.
  • Get Fast Approval:  By filling out our online application, we are able to import your complete application into our computers instantly which enables us to then transmit your loan file electronically for immediate approval.
  • Personal Help With Your Application:  Our new online application allows us to be on the telephone with you and help complete your application in "real-time" over the internet.  It was designed so the borrower and broker can make changes and updates to your application at the same time by simply clicking on the "Update" button at the bottom of the form.

If you should need help: (724) 775-3090


Before you begin:
Please print and sign our Authorization form

We have made it convenient for you to easily print out our standard AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION form. Please click here to print and sign the form, then return by clicking the "Back" button on your browser. We will need this form to request information from your employer, about your bank and to gather other credit and tax information.

Printing Instructions

You will need to print out the printing instructions for your application when you are finished.  Please "Click Here" to view and print these instructions now so you will have them available when you are ready to print out your application.

Online Mortgage Application

Click1003 Online Application

The Click1003 Online Applicatin will allow you to complete the Fannie Mae 1003 just as you would if you were filling out the paper version of the application form.  If you would like to fill out our online application, click on the link below.

Click here to go to the Click1003 "Full" application


Your information is secure when you apply with Excel Mortgage Group, Inc..  The entire application is on our secure server and will not be shared with anyone not directly involved with your loan process.  When you click on one of the links above you will be taken to our secure server to protect all of your information.




If you are in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to call us at:

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